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 The development of online business

e-business? Is it right for me?

The term e-business (online business) implies the application of information-communication technologies in business operation. It includes the management of internal processes such as human resources, financial and administrative systems and management of external resources – sales and marketing, procurement and customer management.

Why would I want to use this?

Introduction of e-business tools simplifies and accelerates the implementation of business processes, therefore making the access to new markets easier. Some of the advantages are:

  • Faster, cheaper and more simple communication
  • Expansion of marketing methods and shortening of marketing channels
  • Extension of working hours (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Access to more pieces of information, but more customers
  • Cutting costs of business operation by cutting the cost of transactions (e.g. online banking, postage charges)
  • Lower costs of storing supplies
  • The possibility of adopting new business methods as well as creating customised support for customers
  • Start-up investment for e-business is significantly smaller than starting up a traditional model of business operation
  • Removing/overcoming geographic barriers.

How do websites and internet help your business?

Fast and cheap communication – sending information to the other end of the word virtually for free. The sales of products and services through the website is made possible literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with payment security (e.g. with credit cards). The websites of other companies, in Serbia as well as abroad, present the source of new ideas and markets. You can find out what your competition is up to very quickly and easily. The internet significantly lowers marketing costs and enables you to stand out using online techniques: e-mail marketing, social networks, newsletters.

How can you communicate with partners in other continents?

Electronic communication includes the communication via mobile devices and using portable computers. Besides sending and receiving e-mails, the person outside of the office visiting the client is able to, with one click, check the information about the company, check the price lists or details about the customer, and make an offer on the spot (e.g. the repairer can, while he is visiting the client, at any moment access the complete documentation necessary for solving the problem).

How can I improve efficiency and flexibility of business?

One of the ways is to enable your customers ordering on-line (through your website), contributing to the speed, accuracy and cost efficiency and offering additional benefits for the customers, such as tracking the path of the order, more convenient comparison of prices, a wider range, etc. You will speed up and additionally improve the communication with your partners by offering calendars and documents (using available programs such as Google docs, Dropbox, SkyDrive).

How will you attract more customers?

Creating your own website is one of the simplest ways of making sure that everyone in the world who has a computer and internet access hears something about you and your products. Keep updating your web pages with new offers, information on products, translate the pages to the language of the desired market and update the prices. The web page is your advertisement available on the internet 24 hours a day. No one knows on the internet whether you are a large multinational or a small company. Additionally use the benefits of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to promote your products or services to your target group.

How will I know who shops in my online store?

With applying completely free analytical tools such as Google Analytics you can find out not only who shops in your online store, but also much more: how many people visited your web page, what they viewed, what interested them the most, which countries they come from, which speaking area, now successful your marketing campaigns have been, etc.

How much does internet advertising cost?

Internet as a media provides fast, efficient and cheap access to a large number of people. You can reach your customers in different ways, but the most popular one is through advertising on Facebook and Google. For example, your advertisement can be shown more than 1,000,000 times and in that way generate more than 1,000 of visits to your page for a price of around 8,000 RSD!

How can I make a small number of brochures for my customers

A large number of text processing programmes in use enable the production of professional looking brochures with many different templates to be used. All materials can be stored on CDs or DVDs and distributed to clients. Additionally, the brochures can be uploaded onto your website so the customers could download them should they wish to.

How can I reduce paper consumption in my office?

The simplest way is by scanning the documents and saving them in digital form. The public administration also tries to enable as many services as possible online. Apart from the official web presentations of various institutions, you can use the services of eUprava.

How can I save on travel costs?

With the use of video conferences you can present your product to the customers anywhere in the world, working together on documents while exchanging ideas. This enables the communication and exchange of ideas and knowledge, just like in meetings face to face.

How can e-business help me to know what is happening with my business?

A line of computer programmes (interconnected – integrated) help to keep you updated regarding all activities within the company (anywhere that you are). From accounting and financial systems, enabling the tracking of finances in real time, to systems for customer relationship management (CRM) providing insight into all activities taking part with your customers. All of this information can be available to you at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and regardless of the location you are at.

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