We are located in Novi Sad, a highly inspirational place for working and for living!

Our idea, through working on our projects, is to light that spark which separates the boring from the interesting!


Our projects are based on the three most significant elements of the web, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The whole front - end development is built on these pillars. For the framework we use Twitter Bootstrap being the number one framework in general, based on the development of the aforementioned technologies, adding JQuery as the most famous JavaScript library. And at the end of this sequence there is AngularJS, the framework which is currently in the highest demand and based on JavaScript, created in Google, with an open code

  Through the cooperation with us you get:

  •  Fast production without delay
  •  Constant communication with clients
  •  Up to the minute web technologies
  •  A good price
  •  A website which is optimised for the most significant web browsers: Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  •  A website which is optimised for Google, web search is an important part of the strategy for web marketing

Along with the listed services, we also offer logo design and brand design in general, we can photograph your facilities, office space, your company, and we process the photographs and prepare them for the web.

A responsive design has become a requirement, and all of the websites that we offer are mobile-friendly, which is essential for good listing on Google, and this is not the case of ever-changing trends but more of a long-term characteristic, having an impact on the mobile application A website with a well optimised mobile and tablet version has become an imperative.

SEO is one of the more significant details, bringing better results on a larger scale. A large number of internet users only check the first couple of results, usually only the first page, which isn’t good for the more developed businesses which are present on the internet on a larger scale, so the SEO presents a key factor for the success of the website.

CMS system

Content Management System literally means a system for management of the content. CMS systems present a good option for those having websites which require frequent additions and changes to the content and who would like to do it themselves. Manipulating the CMS isn’t too complicated for an average user but isn’t that straightforward either. You can change and add pictures and text, with the design remaining the same, and you do not need to have knowledge of programming in order to do this.

We also offer construction of websites on WORDPRESS platform. Wordpress is currently the most popular CMS platform, and there is also a version in the Serbia language enabling easy maintenance without requiring knowledge of the English language or any other world languages.

Material for the website

Preparing the material which will make up the content of your website is crucial for the ultimate impact of your internet presentation, quality text content backed up by great photographs provides the key success. Even though we have photographs which are a part of general design aesthetics related to specific fields of business, it is crucial to your presentation that it shows content which is an authentic representation of you and your business.

Originality of the photographs presents a significant aspect, because it gives authenticity to the web presentation, and a website offering photographs provided by free web services will not be taken seriously by visitors, as these photographs are being used by many programmers and web designers lacking the materials which should ultimately be provided by the owner of the website being represented on the presentation itself.

Company data:

  • Identification number: 64377515
  • PIB: 109715490
  • Most activities: 7410